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Wall clock
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Though mobile phones are widely used and display the time fairly accurately, wall clocks will continue to be in demand for a number of reasons. Some people face health problems due to mobile phone radiation, so they are forced to keep their mobile phone switched off. Others keep their mobile phone at a distance and a wall clock is a quick way to find the time of the day and arrange the activities accordingly. The time in mobile phones will often not be accurate, the time for an Iphone and Blackberry are different.

For many manual labor activities, people are paid on an hourly basis and as the time settings of the mobile phone of each individual will be different due to design features, settings, the wall clock will indicate the time settings which the organization will be following. Most offices have specific timings, which employees are expected to follow, and if they are late to office repeatedly without a valid reason, they will be marked absent or it may affect their performance appraisal.

Many organizations which are open to the general public like banks, post offices, government offices like registrar, local muncipal bodies, have specified timings of operation and people who have any kind of work at these offices will plan their activities accordingly checking the time on the clock at the organization. Most people are extremely busy if they have a full time job and plan to visit the organization to complete their work, so that their daily schedule will not be interrupted.

In most homes and offices the clock will be mounted on the wall of the house or office, as it will be easy to read the time from any place in the room and also save space. There are a wide variety of wallclocks available in the market depending on the budget and space available. Most of the wall clocks available in the market have a nodge which can be used to hang the wall clock on the wall on a nail. wallclocks which have an adhesive could be popular if a manufacturer can supply these clocks.

The design of the wallclock may vary from a simple model which will only display the time to more complex and sophisticated models which incorporate a cuckoo clock or a gong to announce each hour of the day or night. Most of the wall clocks available in the market today are battery powered, requiring one or two AA size battery depending on the size of the wall clock and features. Older wall clocks use a complex mechanical mechanism and do not require batteries which have to be replaced at least once a year. The time in battery powered wall clocks is not very accurate and may drift by a few minutes over a period of a year or more.

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